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A unique ‘money recovery’ legal service in Spain

We are a specialised legal service detecting new legal matters in Spain that damage individual rights with economic consequences for them. Once detected, we analyse them in detail (together with the most reputed experts in Spain for each legal matter) and we plan an accurate legal strategy in helping individuals to defend their rights and recover their money from the Spanish Administration and corporations.

Since 2006 we have launched and won the following legal claims:


  • The recovery of the overcharged Capital Gains Tax for EU citizens who sold their properties in Spain.
  • The recovery of the Inheritance and Gift Tax paid in Spain by Spanish non-residents or by Spanish residents who inherited properties abroad (ongoing).
  • Now we have launched the recovery of the Off Plan Deposits for foreigners who lost their money when buying a property in Spain (launched in April 2016).

Our Facts

  • We cover all Spanish territory (no matter where your property was located).
  • We have the best specialists in European and Spanish legislation working with us.
  • No upfront costs as we offer our services on a NO WIN – NO FEE basis.
  • Our success fees are adjusted in accordance with the amounts to be recovered.
  • Our clients have never received any undue consequences for making a claim with Spanish Legal Reclaims.
  • With the collaboration of ROLAND ProzessFinanz, Spanish Legal Reclaims can now offer our clients the option of covering the risk of incurring litigation costs of the lawsuit.
  • ROLAND ProzessFinanz, one of the most experienced European litigation funders, secures litigation funding.
  • With Spanish Legal Reclaims you can now cover the major risk of this claim which is having to pay the litigation costs to Court in the event a loss.

Now: No Win, No Fee, No Risk!

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Hundreds of Spanish and EU lawyers and advisors are referring their clients to us as they understand we have full knowledge and experience, which is absolutely necessary for succeeding in these hard legal claims.

Our clients have massively expressed their satisfaction and gratitude with our professional legal services. Visit our Testimonials page (click here)

Your right to make a claim is based on definitive rulings from the European Court of Justice and the Supreme Court of Spain and cannot be contradicted by any other institution.

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