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With the collaboration of ROLAND ProzessFinanz, Spanish Legal Reclaims can now offer you the option of covering the litigation costs associated with your lawsuit to recover lost off-plan property deposits in Spain.

After a previous analysis of your case, we can offer full coverage of litigation costs regardless of the outcome of your lawsuit.

The financing of these risks by Spanish Legal Reclaims and ROLAND ProzessFinanz enables our clients to claim their lost deposits back without having to personally assume such economic risk.

ROLAND ProzessFinanz AG is one of the oldest European litigation funders, and since June 2017 it belongs to the Omni Bridgeway Group; an international litigation funder with offices in Amsterdam, Geneva, Singapore and Guernsey. As both companies merged, the leading litigation funder in continental Europe was created. It supports its clients in key European legal systems and in all arbitration proceedings with vast know-how and experience. ROLAND ProzessFinanz, has wide-ranging knowledge and experience in financing legal claims of all types.


If you have any questions regarding the financing of legal proceedings, queries about a specific case or if you would like additional information, please contact us.