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Inheritance & Gift Tax

We are successfully winning refunds for 1,000’s of our clients

The Spanish Inheritance and Gift Tax reclaim

In September 2014 the European Court of Justice passed a Judgment declaring the Spanish inheritance and gift tax laws were discriminatory towards non-residents and against the EU Treaty.

European Court of Justice’s ruling

The laws in Spain regulating inheritance and gift tax treated residents and non-residents differently until January 2015. Non-residents had to pay much higher taxes while residents were practically exempt.

According to European Court of Justice’s ruling, this constituted a clear breach of the rules and regulations concerning non-discrimination and freedoms as laid down in the EU Treaty.

As a result, European citizens who have paid inheritance and gift tax to the Spanish Authorities before January 2015 are entitled to make a claim for recovering their taxes back (on average +20 % more in legal interest).

Claims will be refunded within 6-8 months (average) once filed.

We have successfully recovered money back for hundreds of our clients. Visit our testimonial section. Link

Examples of the real amounts being refunded to our clients:

e.g. Catalonia Region – Client paid inheritance tax = 41,007 Euros, we are recovering 41,007 Euros (on average +20 % more in legal interest) on all claims. Click here to see further examples:

A– € Inheritance & or Gift Taxes paid
B– € Reclaim Amount

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