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If you lost money buying an off-plan home
you need to know

  • Since December 21, 2015, the Spanish Supreme Court has declared that the banks are responsible.
  • They must guarantee the return of the amounts paid for the purchase of homes that were not delivered.
  • They will have to pay you an annual interest dof approximately 50% aplus 15%in litigation costs.
  • You have until October 2020 to claim against the bank and recover your deposit, even if you have previously lodged a claim against the promotor



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How is SLR different to other law firms? Why should I trust SLR?

  • We are experts in this type of claim. We only work with claims of this nature, and we have a success rate of 98%
  • We analyse every new legal claim in great detail, together with the most reputed legal experts in Spain, and then we plan the most accurate, winning legal strategy. No improvisation..
  • We are 100% neutral and independent from banks or property developers.
  • We operate in all Spanish territories (no matter where your property was located).
  • We are specialists in recovering money for individuals from Spanish institutions and corporations.

I have tried to recover my deposits back before in Court with a previous lawyer with no result, so why should I try again?

  • If you previously went to court to try to recover your deposits back, you probably sued the property developer. As most property developers went bankrupt and then went into liquidation, this course of action was useless and insufficient in most cases.
  • No matter if you won in court or not, you probably did not receive any (or little) money back, wasting your time, effort and even more money.
  • The recent ruling from the Spanish Supreme Court allows you to take action against the property developer’s bank (where your money was deposited). This fact changes everything, as now you can sue the bank involved (as they have larger resources to pay you). Even if that bank no longer exists or has disappeared, in most cases they were acquired by larger powerful financial institutions who are now being held responsible.
  • If you sued the Bank in the past, then you cannot claim again.

Do I face any risks?

  • With Spanish Legal Reclaims working under a No Win, No Fee agreement there are no upfront costs with us and there are no fees to us in the unlikely event we lose your case (not to us, nor to our attorneys).
  • Please note we are representing thousands of claimants and we are only filing claims with a very high possibility of winning as we must maintain our reputation in court. We do not want to damage the chances for other claimants, so therefore we analyse every claim in depth (and for free) before proceeding to file claims in court.
  • In Spain, when losing in court (unlikely in this case), by law you may have to face litigation costs. Such costs are paid through court to the other party (not to us) and it may be up to 15% of the amounts being claimed. Every lawyer should be transparent about this just as we are. Only SLR can offer to their clients the option to contractually cover these costs.
  • Be aware that litigation costs are also an opportunity to receive an extra 15% money on average, because if you win, the other party will have to pay the litigation costs to you, not your lawyers.

I want to make a claim, where do I start?

  • Contact us today and we will let you know what documents are needed to analyse your case for free. Our legal team will inform you in your native language in order to guide you through the process and let you know what your chances are in filing a claim.
  • We will provide you with clear and accurate information and reply to any questions you may have to help your decision about making a claim. The decision to make a claim is always yours.
  • We are fully convinced of the solid legal basis that now allows claimants to recover their money back, as long as they meet the Spanish Supreme Court’s requirements (of which we will inform you once we can analyze your paperwork to assess your chances of winning). We will complete all of the aforementioned for free.
  • If your claim is feasible and you decide to go ahead with Spanish Legal Reclaims, we will issue you with an Engagement Agreement and a Power of Attorney to allow us to act on your behalf in court (both documents will be drafted for you at no charge).

I am tired, confused and skeptical about making a claim as this is an old issue, so why should I try and get my money back now?

  • Many of our clients are expressing such understandable feelings, as in the past they were wrongly advised by a previous Spanish lawyer and do not trust the Spanish legal system.
  • We now have a real window of opportunity that has been opened by the Spanish Supreme Court for buyers to recover their lost deposits.
  • The Spanish Supreme Court ruling is solid and clear, it therefore cannot be contradicted. It declares that, in most cases, financial institutions are indeed responsible and should protect the buyers’ deposits (this was not the case in the past). It does not matter if you have claimed previously against the property developer or how much time has passed since that claim was made. You can still claim against the bank who can pay.
  • As a consequence of the ruling, if you get professional and experienced advice now, you will have the best chance to win your case in court and recover your money back plus legal interest.

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