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Spanish Legal Reclaims, in fulfilment of Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services Act 34/2002, of 11 July 2002, hereby informs you that:

  • Its company name is: SPANISH LEGAL RECLAIMS SL.
  • Its trading name is: Spanish Legal Reclaims.
  • Its Fiscal Identification Code number is: B65611758.
  • Its registered office is at: CALLE BORI I FONTESTÁ, 49 – 08017 Barcelona, SPAIN
  • It is registered in the Companies Register of BARCELONA  VOLUME 42747; Page 96; Sheet B 411659; Entry 1.


For communication with us, we make available various means of contact as detailed below:

  • Tel: 936804563.
  • Email: Info@spanishlegalreclaims.com.
  • Postal address: Calle Bori i Fontestá, 49 BARCELONA 08017.

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PROMORECALL SL is a registered legal consulting firm but is not licensed as a Law Firm before any Lawyer’s Bar Association (“Colegio de Abogados”). Therefore, the company itself cannot represent the clients before the Courts or in out of Court proceedings. Where such representation would be needed the company would hire Licensed Lawyers to represent the clients before the Courts or in out of Court proceedings, as the case may be.